Custom Halloween Displays Houston


Similar to a retail window display

or large party decoration.

$950 for a full week

Installation, Sunday October 23

Take-down November 1

$2500 for full month of October

Installation Saturday October 1

Take-down November 1


Includes lighting, sound, special effects (fog extra, outdoors only)

Only ONE available per season and

only for the full month of October.

Price available upon request.

$400 for a full week

Installation Monday, October 24

​Take-down November 1

​$950 for full month of October


Rent a made-to-order graveyard scene to 
attract attention to your home or business (or to the most memorable Over-the-Hill party ever!). Suitable for indoors or out.

Prices include design, installation, maintenance and removal.

NOTE: We do not rent single props and our scenes are not "walk through" or interactive but rather intended for VIEWING ONLY.